Friday, September 16, 2005

Hippy at Heart Belt Pattern

Original pattern by Shanelle Saylors - Long
Off The Hook Crochet©2004


5 large cabone rings= 2 in. - 50mm: 5 (6,7) 13 Small cabone rings= 1 1/8 in. - 28mm: 13 (15,16). 1 ball of #68 Pink Muench Yarns, GGH "Mystic" OR 35gm/75 yards of any sport-weight cotton or rayon yarn 16 (9x12 mm) Clear plastic heart (or any style) beads

Hook: size F-5 U.S. or size needed to obtain gauge.

Belt Measures: Belt size is changed by the addition of extra rings. Work in the following ring size sequence: Size XX-Small/X-Small: * 2 small rings; 1 large ring.* rep from * to * 4 times; 1 small ring. Size Small/Medium: 2 small rings; 1 large ring; 2 small rings; 1 large ring; 4 small rings; 1 large ring; 2 small rings; 1 large ring; 2 small rings; 1 large ring; 1 small ring. Size Large/X-Large: * 2 small rings; 1 large ring * rep from * to * 5 times; 2 small rings

Belt: Leaving a 25' loose end fringe length, join yarn in first small ring with 1 sc, then work 10 sc around ring (first half completed), DO NOT fasten off, DO NOT chain.

Sc in next small ring, work 10 more sc in ring (first half completed).

Add a large ring: Sc in next large ring, work 17 more sc in ring (first half completed). Continue adding rings in the same manner, alternating 2 small and then 1 large ring till you have completed 13 (15,16) small rings and and 5(6,7) large rings.

When you get to the middle of the last ring, continue after the 11th sc and sc 11x more (completing the 2nd half of the ring), continue around connecting each ring by directly sc into the next ring, till you reach the last ring.

Fasten of ONLY after leaving a 25 in. fringe length. Tie fringe lengths in an over-hand knot close to base of ring.

Fringe Ties:

Cut eleven 40 in. lengths of yarn. Using 5 lengths for end of belt already holding 1 fringe length, and 6 lengths for opposite end of belt, single knot one Fringe in center sc at each end of belt. Divide each fringe into Six 2-strand segments, string one heart bead onto each segment and slide beads up to 14 in. above end. Tie each segment in an overhand knot at random positions bettween 6 and 12 in. above end to hold beads in place. String another bead on end of 3 segments already holding one bead. Tie each of these segments in an overhand knot 1 in. above end to hold beads in place. Trim ends of fringe even.

All Patterns & Designs are Property of Shanelle Long and are to be reproduced for Personal use only

Off The Hook Crochet©2004


Blogger Sakaleen said...

Great information on your site folks. I also am working on a bead making site. I'll bookmark yours if you bookmark mine. You can find it at bead making.
Again, nice site folks...I'll be baak...:)

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Blogger Raven Maiden said...

nice belt...nice top too!

4:10 PM  
Blogger stephanie said...

love the belt and the top....... where can I find the pattern for the top though ?

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